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  Legal Research


A US based law firm needed a quick research which they can give to a judge to support Personal Jurisdiction as well as for the execution of Residuary Bequest. 

Client needed specific case laws in support of issues relating to:

  • Burden of Proof
  • Legal Existence of Entity
  • Jurisdiction in case of wrongful delivery of summons


  • On receipt of complete work through email, Aeren LPO's team discusses it with Project Manager regarding related to research .
  • After thoroughly identifying search terms, applicable law and source of authority to be explored, our team starte searching online databases.
  • Aeren LPO's Team conducts complex case law, multiple jurisdiction & statutory research on manifold aspects of the issues.
  • While keeping in mind substance, Applicability of Law to Issue, Logical Reasoning, Importance of Cited Cases project is delivered in the form of Memo or draft.
  • Thorough Shepherdizing of cases and Conclusion Validation is done.
  • Project is delivered in couple of hour (TAT after quality check and required editing.)