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Legal Process Outsourcing in India

Research & Markets Says, LPO Market Will Hit $2Billion By 2012

The unclear and extraordinary pricing structure and delivery time of project is always been a major concern of the law firms clients in US. After a long time period the firms came up with defined price structures in the form of different pricing models like alternate billing, per hour billings etc...

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From outsourcing to globalization – 2011 and beyond

The main reasons of growth of LPO sector in India in broader area are Enhanced Productivity, Focused Cost Reduction Approaches- Outcome Based Pricing, Process Bench making and Reducing system in efficiencies, Improved Utilization of Resources, Innovative Solutions and New Services...

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Why smaller outsource suppliers have an edge?

The economy is picking up again and companies are looking for opportunities to grow. Flexibility, innovation and speed to market are shifting to the top of the wish list. This adjustment has not only an impact on the internal organization, but also on the sourcing strategy. A sourcing strategy which focused the last couple of years on signing contracts aimed at lowering cost through standardization and economies of scale...


How good are Indian IT companies?

Aeren LPO provide custom-tailored document review services using the most sophisticated technology– efficiently, flexibly and seamlessly integrating into clients’ current systems.

We provides corporations...

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Time Is Ripe For LPO Industry In India

The $146 million legal services offshoring industry in India is growing at a tremendous pace. Even as other segments in the KPO space such as publishing, media services, analytics services are growing at 30 per cent to 35 per cent per annum, legal services takes the lead and is growing at over 40 per cent per annum, as per the ValueNotes' latest report, Offshoring Legal Services to India: An Update. The report examines the evolution and maturity of the LPO industry, covers key emerging trends in the Indian legal services offshoring industry and how these might shape up the industry in the near future....