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  How good are Indian IT companies?

India has a formidable reputation as an IT powerhouse. But is the hype surrounding India’s IT prowess justified? How does it measure up to other countries? Well quite decently it seems. There are three Indian companies, Wipro, Infosys and Tech Mahindra in the top ten and the eleventh one, Mastek too is Indian. This is quite creditable considering that the numero uno is IBM and the other biggies in the list are names like CapGemini, Hewlett-Packard and Accenture.

There are a number of reasons why Indian IT companies have done so well globally over the last few years. A primary reason is that India has a huge pool of eminently qualified software professionals willing to work for fairly economical wages. This enables Indian companies to strategically leverage their products and services globally. This is the reason why India finds favour with outsourcers. Moreover increasingly a large number of global IT giants have been open to setting up their off-shore development centers in India.

How good are Indian IT companies

Another thing that works for Indian IT companies is the fact that these are quite varied in the types of work that they undertake. They could be experts at infrastructure software, enterprise software, security software or industry specific software. Or they could even undertake contract programming.

So well have Indian IT companies done for themselves that many of them are investing abroad and far from taking away jobs from the US markets,  are actually creating jobs there. Some US cities have taken a lead in this by courting cash rich Indian IT companies to set up operations in their respective areas. Cities like Dallas,Ohio, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Tallahassee have been trying to entice Indian companies Like Wipro, TCS, and Infosys to come to their cities for expansion and setting up operations.

What works in these Indian companies’ favor is the fact that Indian IT industry has been growing at a fair clip for many years and this gives them a competitive advantage over the rest of the regions that lag behind  in this respect. It is India’s seemingly ever growing clout in IT that has given rise to the bogey of the cheap Indian IT firms laying waste, thriving American firms and causing huge losses. The fact of the matter is that Indian IT has grown by the dint of providing top notch solutions at a reasonable price-value for money. Far from causing economic woes Indian IT companies have been engines of world growth. And the fact of the matter is that there is no guarantee that they will retain their preeminent position . There are other players like Philippinesand Vietnam snapping at India’s heels, and the only way for it to stay ahead will be to continually innovate and offer the best in the business.

So far the industry has done admirable well taking the recession and threatened disincentives and other legislation in its stride. Part of the reasons is the absolutely world class expertise. vision and execution of Indian IT companies-the Wipros, TCSs and Tech Mahindras of the world.