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By relying on Aeren LPO to draft, review, and manage high-volume, routine contracts you can steer clear of unintended commitments which result from unapproved contract changes, increased language variations that amplify chances of unintentional breaches, and missing key dates related to renewals or price escalations. This way you can focus on work of higher value.

Our experienced team works with you to define requirements, establish drafting and review standards, and ensure you are comfortable with all processes and staffing.

Drafting of contracts
We prepare first-cut drafts of all types and styles of contracts by using standard templates that conform to your house style and any unique variables relating to each contract. Your lawyers remain in control over the quality of the draft without spending time on inferior tasks.  The team at Aeren LPO will:

  • Analyze your drafts
  • Prepare standard templates
  • Identify the variables applicable to each contract, and
  • Develop a checklist of  “clauses” that might be needed to address the unique requirements of each agreement.
  • Same Day Turnaround is available for emergency documents.

Review of contracts
Aeren LPO reviews draft contracts received from other law firms or corporate legal departments, highlighting clauses that are burdensome or not in your best interest; don’t conform to your standard templates; or vary from commercial understanding. We also prepare draft responses or aide-memoirs for negotiation.

Management of contracts
Our team manages your contracts, maintaining a comprehensive database and thus providing an overview of: basic contract information (Purpose, Period, Entities, Addresses, Counsel, etc.), the summary of terms and a history of notices. We also summarize all obligations and covenants (to facilitate compliance) and all rights (to enforce compliance).

Devoting sufficient resources to draft, review, and manage contracts is critical. Working with Aeren to draft, review and manage your contracts improves your ability to meet demands, improve service and decrease risks.