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Legal Process Outsourcing Client Testimonials
Our clients are law firms, corporations, large and small legal departments


“This Company played a key role with incredibly effective services in our cost-reduction plans while helping us meets our client´s deadlines with the quality of their work, confirmed talent for novelty. 
Everyone at Aeren LPO is very helpful, dedicated and have potential ability and provides action-oriented work.”
.......Group Financial Controller– Quark Software (USA)

“Aeren LPO extremely interactive and very helpful team offers comprehensive professional services. Aeren LPO has been exceptional in helping us develop and support our legal work. We are amazed but satisfied with kind of quality and efficiency shown by Aeren LPO team towards successful completion of our projects within framed timelines.
The credit goes to the devoted team of Aeren LPO for their proficiency and hard work meticulously prepared to handle any kind of project. Aeren LPO team is leveraged with excellent drafting and research skills. It´s a matter of great pride to be a part of Aeren LPO.”
.......Senior Executive- Quark City (USA)

“It was impossible to handle our increasing workload without the excellent support provided by the talented Aeren LPO attorneys. Aeren LPO certified professionals over the past year given our firm an excellent performance on client assignments. 
Aeren LPO is playing excellent role in nurturing the LPO industry in India. I claim credit for appointing them. There's been an extraordinary momentum that has assembled pace. ”
......CEO-Hale Solutions (USA)

“Aeren LPO provides pro-bono world-class quality LPO services and solutions to the clients overseas. On time finished product makes our firm work hundreds time easier and efficient. Dedicated, responsive professional team fulfills company´s needs with great quality and security.
Aeren LPO put efforts and lend a hand in exchange of ideas and strategic information to evolve solutions to manage our company complex and time consuming matters in timely and organized approach.”
......CEO- Study Places Inc. (USA)

“We have been working with Mr. Raman Aggarwal since long and I am impressed with his ability, efficiency, quality and the co-ordination. I am happy to see the higher conversion rate and lower response time with the professional help and assistance to make work as smooth as possible. Mr. Aggarwal always delivers excellent solutions and has made our firm work trouble-free manner. Mr. Aggarwal has full understanding to our company´s requirements.”
.......Chairman-Bhushan Steel Ltd. (India´s Largest Steel Manufactures)

“Aeren LPO ensure to execute its services effectively to meet client expectations. Aeren LPO relies on its well defined solution after understanding the client's business requirements and objectives. Throughout the lengthy process Aeren LPO has provided us with the essential information and was available to assist us at all times.
Extremely interactive staff helped us to manage our lengthy litigation documents and increased our productivity by 60%. Aeren LPO ability to understand our requirement and provide desired services to meet the requirement has resulted in giving best of work to our clients. Our firm acknowledges its professionalism.”
........CEO- Buddha Slug Technologies (Switzerland)

“After discussing our requirements to Aeren LPO we felt confident about its professionalism, knowledge and support team and appreciate its help in the drafting and deposition project. Aeren LPO team is always flexible and enables us to contact them outside of normal business hours which made any discussion much easier with its approach towards issue.
Aeren LPO services are fair and at reasonable price with high quality. Right from the start we were impressed with Aeren LPO enthusiasm and we have witnessed the range of services they are capable of providing with its customer focused mentality.”
.........CEO- Baya Tree Infocom (USA)