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The unclear and extraordinary pricing structure and delivery time of project is always been a major concern of the law firms clients in US. After a long time period the firms came up with defined price structures in the form of different pricing models like alternate billing, per hour billings etc...

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The main reasons of growth of LPO sector in India in broader area are Enhanced Productivity, Focused Cost Reduction Approaches- Outcome Based Pricing, Process Bench making and Reducing system in efficiencies, Improved Utilization of Resources, Innovative Solutions and New Services...

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing – Outlook and Opportunities

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) refers to the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support services company. When the outsourced entity is based in another country the practice is sometimes called Offshoring. LPO services are at a nascent stage with relatively consistent market growth since the early emergence of LPO in 1997. LPO providers have established themselves in Canada, India, the Philippines, US, Israel and Latin America. They traditionally offer services in the areas of document review, legal research and writing, drafting of pleadings and briefs....

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From Captive Centers to Third Party LPO Vendor

Legal Process Outsourcing outshines the off-shoring industries and set the moderate growth over a period of time. Many countries are on the race to assist the countries like U.S. and U.K in outsourcing works. It becomes trend for those western countries to outsource their non-core business process to the low labor cost nations. In midst of financial crises in U.S., still some outsourcing is flourishing...

Offshore Legal Outsourcing

Legal Process

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is one of the value added BPO services which involves legal work that companies outsource to more economical offshore destinations. Legal outsourcing has gained tremendous ground in the past few years in the US. LPO firms, primarily from India, have had success by providing services such as document review, legal research and writing, drafting of pleadings and briefs and providing patent services...

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Outsourcing is the transfer of control of a process or product to a supplier. Companies outsource operations or processes that are not one of their critical core competencies for economic gain or better quality. At the strategic level, outsourcing allows not only the transfer of control to an outsider, but also the method of production using a different technology or process. In strategic outsourcing a company may outsource an entire service, product, a product line, or an entire plant for strategic value....

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Strategic Resourcing

Strategically sourcing legal services may not be a new phenomenon, but the current economic downturn, coupled with the growing realization that the legal profession needs to rethink its business model to survive in the long term have put one such option – outsourcing – in the spotlight, say two outsourcing providers. Both Gavin Birer, president of Toronto-based Legalwise Outsourcing Inc., and Stephen Taran, president of Taran Virtual Associates (TVA/The Legal Outsourcing Network), say lawyers and law firms large and small are giving the outsourcing option a second look – largely because it addresses some of the pressure points facing lawyers and law firms today.....

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Data Security and Confidentiality

Client confidentiality and data security is at the forefront of Legal Circle's operations. Some of the security measures undertaken by Legal Circle are ....

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LPO success in India

Presently, there are over 200 LPO's in India and the number is expected to rise in next few years. The Industry has grown at over 60 percent year on year. The market stood at Rs 630 crore in 2007. Only few LPO'S in India have succeeded in the LPO industry. As we study on their success, their success came in the following ways ....

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Security & Data Privacy

Indian companies as well as the government have been active in adhering to international security standards such as ISO 17799, BS7799, COBIT and ITSM. The government has laid down the required legal framework. From individual companies to various associations, the government, proactive measures are being taken to ensure that India is viewed as a destination for trustworthy outsourcing and is aligned with those legislatures that govern the US. Also NASSCOM - National Association of Software Services Companies intends to have the security practices of all its member companies audited by ....

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Security concerns with reference to LPO Industry

As the outsourced firm is based in another country, the practice is sometimes called legal off-shoring. LPO industry is expanding, which should see a boom in the up-coming years. The word 'outsourcing' is a simple agreement between an enterprise and service provider, in which the provider agrees to provide the necessary services, particularly data processing and information management, using its own staff and infrastructure to its own facilities.....